Guided tours for familes with toddlers looking to create healthy habits with simple outings. Includes a 1-3 hr trail ride along the Bayou!  We use Terry Hershey, Memorial Park, Sam Houston Park and Cypress Creek Trails.  


Sign up today!  Great for Toddler Birthday Parties.


Classes must have a class of at least 3 students to start.  

Bikes Provided for 3-13 yr olds and up to 12 student groups max.  

Ride at your own risk - must be supervised by a guadian.  

Helmets are manditory and are sold on site. Entire ride is filmed on GoPro for Safety of child and groups.  At local parks with security available from park services.  


Knee and elbow pads must be pre ordereda week ahead of time. 

Bikes can be purchased seperatedly with Strider Camp and is also availavle on the product page.  


Nature Trail: Toddler Biking Adventures

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