Learn to Ride!-  Starting as young as 3 yrs old and some advanced 2 year olds on approval basis!  Parents invited and friends!  Bring Lunch and drinks!  Make it a picknic!  - Free Ride Classes.


Location TBD.


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A Strider No-Pedal Balance Bike is the perfect tool for learning to ride, teaching balance, and instilling riding skills in children.

Rethink the Definition of Riding
What defines riding? Does pedaling define riding? Downhill mountain bikers don't pedal, road bike riders descending a highway don't pedal, BMX riders in a halfpipe don't pedal, and motorcyclists don't pedal. They are all riding. So what do they all have in common? The ability to balance on two wheels and lean through turns—regardless of what put them in motion. For children, walking and running are the natural means of propulsion. The simplicity of Strider Bikes allows children to concentrate on the fundamental skills of balancing, leaning, and steering while propelling the bike in a natural way.


Advantages of Riding a Strider

  • Are ultra lightweight and easy to control
  • Increase balance, coordination, and confidence
  • Allow children to focus on learning balance first
  • Are free of chains, pedals, and protrusions that can harm a child
  • Provide a safe, smooth, and natural transition to a pedal bike


-Helmets are Manditory and can be purchased seperately.  We have Med and S. 

Bikes will be provided. 

Learn to Ride - Toddler Adventure Zones

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